There is a change in preparation for the Volkswagen group, especially concerning some of its sports or luxury brands, like Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ducati or Bentley. If the first three brands mentioned are the subject of questions about a potential sale, this is not the case for Bentley.

Indeed, the German group would think to place the British brand under the tutelage of Audi as revealed by the German newspaper Automobilwoche. What could that change since Bentley would remain within the Volkswagen group anyway?

Less luxurious Bentleys in the future?

Bentley, under Porsche boss Oliver Blume so far, would spend next year under Audi supervision. Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess believes it will have more potential with Audi in particular for the sake of economies of scale in its high-end segment.

In other words, it would make better use of the synergies of the Audi entity. to help Bentley grow and therefore to sort of level down, by extending its range and offering products that are still high-end, but perhaps less luxurious.

We could imagine a little brother in the Bentayga with the underside of an Audi Q5 for example, or even an Audi Q4 e-tron since the future turns to 100% electric. The replacement for the Bentayga, which will surely be electrified too, could for example be based on the platform of the Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportback.

The Volkswagen group wonders

Lamborghini, a subsidiary of Audi, will he pay the price for this reshuffle? Nothing is certain for the moment, discussions are still ongoing according to some internal sources. let's remember that Bentley is quite healthy, in particular thanks to a significant financial recovery in recent years, but new environmental issues, Brexit and the current pandemic are all factors that could weaken the brand.

As stated above, if Bentley still seems to smell of sanctity within the Volkswagen group, questions arise around Lamborghini, even if it is difficult to imagine for the moment the group putting the brand on sale. For Ducati nothing changes, as every year the brand is advertised for sale.

Concerning Bugatti, some sources mention a merger with Rimac, a brand 15.5% owned by Porsche … owned by the Volkswagen group. Porsche, which also intends to climb even more in the capital of the Croatian firm in the years to come. There would be a game of musical chairs looming on the side of the Volkswagen group is not it?

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