Bentley Flying Spur: flying opulence –

Wait a minute, isn't the Mulsanne the Bentley flagship? Correct! Until recently, anyway. Because the Mulsanne is being silently eliminated. On the one hand because the Bentayga SUV today takes care of most of the sales, on the other hand because the Flying Spur and the Mulsanne both play in the same range. It may be a bit too much.


Moreover, over the years, this Flying Spur has come closer and closer to the Mulsanne. Its third generation no longer plays the role of little brother, but rather that of the main luxury limousine of the range. On the one hand, thanks to its dimensions of 5.3 m long… and on the other hand because of its style!

The first two generations could never really be called classic beauties. The third generation, however, is allowed to use their own design language and it works wonders. The current Flying Spur sits incredibly well designed and shines with its decisive muscle lines.

Bentley Flying Spur flying opulence - Bentley Flying Spur: flying opulence -

Luxurious escape

However, the luxury of such a limousine is defined by its interior. And here, the Flying Spur teleports you to another world. While a financial calamity hovers above our planet, the interior of this Bentley does not care and advocates luxury. Only the best materials have been deemed worthy of being featured in this Flying Spur, and even here Bentley has sought to do better.

As a result, you end up in a unique creation both on the front and back. Because a Mercedes-Maybach can also be a luxury limousine to say the least, the dashboard is also familiar from an E-Class. The interior of this Flying Spur is however quite unique. Even if it shares its technical components with Audi and Porsche.

With beauty

If you settle into one of the two rear seats, you won't notice that this Flying Spur shares genes with, for example, the Porsche Panamera. It's a great way to relax. With soft cushions, soft materials and no traces of plastic. There is still room for the screens, because in the center, there is a kind of mini tablet with which you can control almost everything. Even the logo can be retracted via an action on the tablet. A gadget – stolen from the Rolls-Royce – but which illustrates how opulent this Flying Spur is.

1602535804 723 Bentley Flying Spur flying opulence - Bentley Flying Spur: flying opulence -

And if the looks or the interior haven't convinced you yet, the engine will take care of it. A creamy V6 or a powerful V8? Think again. The hood of the Flying Spur houses a W12. An engine that puts everyone out of breath, even the Youth for Climate. Bentley realizes that the end is near for their 6.0-liter W12, so they might as well finish in style.

Like an EV

This swan song for the W12 is done with 635 hp and 900 Nm of torque. Impressive figures, without discussion. Sports cars settle for less. Although the engine of this Flying Spur ensures that there is always plenty of power left. You're not going to use it … but if you have to, you can type the hundred in just 3.8 seconds.

But it's the torrent of torque that suits this Flying Spur perfectly. You glide across the landscape, so to speak. With such insulation you would almost accuse Bentley of being secretly already to the electric car. Also impressive: If you want, you can drive this Flying Spur in a – relatively – sporty way, thanks to the all-wheel steering and active anti-roll bars and the 48-volt air suspension. But in the end, do you really want to ride sporty in this Flying Spur? Of course not…

1602535805 900 Bentley Flying Spur flying opulence - Bentley Flying Spur: flying opulence -

What cost?

It is almost vulgar to have to ask for the price, because that is not the custom at Bentley. The common man wants to know. This is why the Flying Spur is displayed at an entry-level price of 218,000 euros. Be careful, Bentley will not let you order a standard model. Because a Bentley is meant to be to your liking. And the prices sometimes dare to go up to 400,000 euros …

With its price, the Flying Spur parks at the Country Club between the Mercedes-Maybachs and Rolls-Royce Phantoms. This is not unjustified, because this Flying Spur is much more special than a Maybach but it is not as overdone as a Rolls-Royce. Secretly, this Flying Spur is connoisseurs. Connoisseurs… rich.


Although the Flying Spur began its career as a forced brother of the Continental GT, the current generation has grown into an independent and above all imposing limousine. The Volkswagen Group has some of the most impressive technologies and smart engineers. This Flying Spur is the culmination of this know-how.

1602535807 697 Bentley Flying Spur flying opulence - Bentley Flying Spur: flying opulence -

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