Borrowing many elements from the Porsche Panamera, the new Flying Spur is now the only Bentley 4-door.

Everything is lost! Unless everything changes. The new generation of the Flying Spur, which becomes the only four-door Bentley since the demise of the Mulsanne, is a car whose owners are reluctant to hand the wheel to a driver. Unlike the S-Class. They are also a majority in favor of the bling-bling finishes.

This will undoubtedly make our neighbors of La Perfide Albion jump, attached to traditions and a certain discretion (English green and noble wood species), but customers are enthusiastic, for example, for the cherry red tinsel of our car enhanced with a pack. “Black line”. Lights encircled with a black ring matched a grille with black fins, black stripes highlighting the sills and the contours of the trunk as well as four exhaust nozzles in the shape of macaroni. Inside, no wood but an abundance of chrome and a carbon fiber decor coordinated with black leather seats. The

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