Bentley Flying Spur: 40,000 units already produced –

Bentley Motors has just celebrated a new milestone in the history of its Flying Spur model, with the release from the assembly lines of the Crewe production site of its 40,000th model.

The Bentley Flying Spur has now reached maturity with its third generation model, which continues a story that began more than half a century ago.

The first Flying Spur indeed appeared in the 50s with the S1 Continental Flying Spur model created by HJ Mulliner in 217 copies, then in 1959, the Bentley Continental S2 was then the subject of a Flying Spur version (optional) still proposed by Mulliner. Of the 2,308 models produced of this Continental S2, 128 were produced in this Flying Spur version. Finally between 1962 and 1963, the Bentley S3 was also the subject of this Flying Spur finish carried out by Mulliner.

The Bentley Flying Spur then reappeared in 2005 as the Continental Flying Spur, a model whose name changed with the arrival of its second generation (presented in 2013) to further distinguish it from the Bentley Continental GT.

The three generations of the Flying Spur were designed, developed and produced at the British brand's headquarters based in Crewe, where 250 employees today work daily on the manual assembly of each vehicle. One hundred hours of work are required to produce a single Flying Spur chassis, which systematically passes through a hundred checkpoints before being sent to its future owner, via one of the brand's dealers present in 68 countries. worldwide.

Half of the 40,000 Flying Spur models produced over the past fifteen years have been shipped to the British manufacturer's two main markets, the United States and China, and 10% of them have remained in the United Kingdom.

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