Big changes are brewing on the Volkswagen group. The German firm is indeed in full reflection to reduce its expenses, by targeting in particular the most luxurious brands, namely Bugatti, Lamborghini and Ducati. The three manufacturers could indeed be sold soon, the group seriously discussing the idea of ​​a potential sale, although nothing has yet been noted. The choice could indeed also relate to restructuring or technological partnerships with other manufacturers, in order to reduce research and development costs. But another manufacturer could also see its future evolve in the years to come. This is Bentley, which could change status, then passing into the fold of Audi. While nothing has yet been officially confirmed, the information comes to us from the serious German newspaper Automobilwoche, which seems rather well informed.

Things could go very quickly then, as Bentley could become an Audi subsidiary as early as next year. According to the current CEO of the Volkswagen Group, Herbert Diess, the British brand could then see its potential increase tenfold thanks to this new status, which would then allow it to better benefit from the technologies of the German brand. But this development is not without consequences, since the future Bentley models could then lose in prestige, the company then going down somewhat in range by passing into the bosom of the manufacturer with the rings, then becoming a premium subsidiary of the latter. If nothing has yet been specified, it is therefore not excluded that new cars will arrive using Audi platforms, for example with a future electric Bentley Bentayga based on the current Audi E-Tron. Other models could then emerge in the years to come, in particular equipped with hybrid or zero-emission engines.

What about Bugatti?

While no information has yet filtered out regarding the concrete future of Lamborghini and Ducati, little more is known about what is being prepared for Bugatti. There again, nothing has been done for the moment, but the Molsheim firm could make a merger, to say the least unexpected by Rimac Automobili. The manufacturer specializing in electric supercars, which has already attracted the attention of Porsche could indeed buy the Alsatian brand in the coming months, accompanying it towards zero-emission engines. The deal has reportedly already been approved, although the supervisory board has yet to approve the transaction, which requires some adjustments. And for good reason, the Piëch family still owns half of the Volkswagen group and must therefore be convinced to sell Bugatti. For it, Porsche could then see its stake in the Croatian manufacturer born 11 years ago go from 15.5 to 49%.

So we just have to wait before knowing more, as the prospect of Bugatti becoming a 100% electric brand leaves us questioning for the moment. Nevertheless, this goes in the direction of history, while Renault boss Luca de Meo has said he is not opposed to the launch of a zero-emission Alpine A110 …

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