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Recently, Bentley held an online contest challenging company employees and their families to create the perfect design for the Bacalar. Do something unique.

After analyzing many projects, the company's design director, Stefan Sielaff, chose the color palette that served as the cover photo for this article as the winner of the competition, thanks to its striking composition, which recreates the arc- in sky. Its creator, Eleanor, succeeded in making the speedster a "symbol of gratitude and hope". This Bacalar wears the colors of the LGBT flag high, so much so that we imagine it very well to lead the Gay Pride of Paris.

Unfortunately, it seems that these colors will never be worn by one of the 12 Bacalar that will be manufactured … Unless one of the owners requests this particular configuration. Because, according to the brand, this decoration is technically possible. So if one of the lucky 12 reads these lines, give your speedster some fun!

By analyzing the model, if you start from the top and go down, you can discover seven of the colors offered in the manufacturer's options catalog:

  • Dragon red ii : It is a bright color, which we already had at the launch of the Continental GT V8, in 2012, and more recently with the Bentayga V8.
  • Orange flame : She uses a paint with a mica pigment and aluminum powder.
  • Yellow flame : This is the nuance presented by Bentley during the revelation of the Bacalar at the Geneva digital show.
  • Apple green : This is one of Bentley's custom paintings.
  • Jetstream II : Blue with a metallic finish.
  • Sequin Blue : It comes from a customer who ordered a car matching his favorite dance outfit. It is now part of the palette available for the brand's vehicles.
  • Azure Purple : Also comes from a request from a client. In this case, a color that has been requested to match the color of the African violet.

Before concluding, we must indicate that the 12 units that make up the limited series of the Bacalar have already all found takers, despite the fact that their price is 1.5 million pounds sterling (1.68 million euros, at current exchange rate).

From a mechanical point of view, the speedster uses a 6.0 W12 engine, with two turbos, which generates 650 hp and 900 Nm of maximum torque. He therefore has no problem accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds and reaching 322 km / h … All of that makes your head air.

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