Bentley celebrated at the end of January 2021 the 80,000th copy of its Continental GT produced at its factory in Crewe, UK.

The lucky winner is a Continental GT V8, right-hand drive and orange dress (see our slideshow), rolled off the production line at the start of the week. This “anniversary” model was hand-crafted by the brand’s “craftsmen”, many of whom were already around when the Continental GT debuted in 2003.

5000 units per year worldwide

In 18 years, the style, technology and engineering of the car have evolved considerably, especially in terms of power but also in terms of carbon footprint, Bentley having reduced the CO2 emissions of its vehicles by 48%. Over the same period, the manufacturer delivered an average of nearly 5,000 copies of the Continental GT per year to all markets around the world.

The platform on which the car is designed has been improved for this third generation, allowing for completely new position, proportions and levels of dynamic capacity. Wrapped in an all-new body, with sharper lines and smoother surfaces, the Continental GT remains a decidedly contemporary grand touring car.

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