Bennett is a DPS Pyro 4 stars. With a one-handed sword, he will however deal the majority of his damage via his elemental attacks. There is still a very good Pyro DPS for your first teams in Genshin Impact. Discover all its features, as well as its recommended build!

Characteristics of Bennett in Genshin Impact

Bennett is a DPS which is mainly based on the power of its skills and at the same time its utility. His elemental attack applies the element Pyro very easily, and its elemental rampage can either restore HP or boost the attack of your allies. Bennet therefore remains a very versatile and useful DPS for your team.

Bennett will prove useful for your team thanks to several characteristics:

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Bennett is a DPS based on his elemental attacks (source: Nintendo Reporters)

  • He is from the element Pyro and will be able to burn enemies and brambles.
  • He has a one-handed sword, and does a lot of quick attacks.
  • His basic attack and his charged attack are average.
  • He relies on his elemental attacks to deal damage.
  • Bennett is an outstanding explorer, it allows you to finish your expeditions faster at Mondstadt.

Recommended build for Bennett in Genshin Impact

As a DPS, increasing energy generation is vital for Bennett. It should also be played in a team with other Pyro DPS like Diluc.

Recommended build

Bennett is based on a build allowing him to increase his attack damage, while reducing the cooldown of his spells.

Armed Artifact set
Blade of the Azure Vault Ancient royal ritual

Bennett's spells in Genshin Impact

Passive skills

Renewal of passion Surpassion's cooldown is reduced by 20%.
Intrepid enthusiasm While Bennett is in Wonderful Journey, Surpassion's cooldown is reduced by 50%. A charged shot does not knock you into the air.
R.A.S Your shipments are 20% faster when they take place in Mondstadt.


Active skills

Lucky sword

You throw up to 5 sword hits with your normal attack.

Your charged attack propels you forward, delivering two sword blows.


Bennett throws fire in front of him. If you maintain the attack, you knock enemies into the air, but so will you!

You create an area of ​​flame that applies the Pyro effect to your allies. If your allies have less than 70% health, they are healed. Above 70% of HP, they benefit from an attack bonus proportional to the attack of Bennett.



Travel perspective The attack bonus provided by Merveilleux Voyage no longer depends on your HP. Base attack is also increased by 20%.
Break the desperation Your energy recharge is increased by 20% when you have less than 70% of your health.
Fiery passion

Your Surpassion sees its level increased by 3 (15 maximum).

Eternal enthusiasm You can re-roll a second attack after Eternal Enthusiasm. It deals 135% damage on the second hit.

Soul opening of the heart

Your Wonderful trip sees its level increased by 3 (15 maximum).
Fire and courage Marvelous Voyage now grants characters wielding a One- or Two-Handed Sword and Polearm 15% more Pyro damage. Normal and charged attack damage is converted to Pyro damage.


How to get Bennett in Genshin Impact?

Bennett is a 4 star character. It is not offered during the adventure, so you will have to go through the Wishes to get it!