Friday, May 28, Belgian lawyers noticed a surprising error in a law. Right in the middle of a royal decree relating to the price of medicines appeared a recipe of asparagus au gratin with Cantal. A situation which amused widely in the corridors of courthouses. But what happened?

“It’s a real Belgian story”, relates a lawyer from the Brussels region. Sometimes we see errors, or snags in the text. But a cooking recipe, never, ”she told RTL Belgium. “In the present case, there was an error in the consolidation. While the words ‘by registered letter’ were to be replaced by the words ‘electronically via Mediprices’, it is an asparagus recipe that was inserted in the text presented as official by the SPF Justice “, explains Maître Olivier Dupont.

“It is quite astonishing and one has to wonder a little bit what happened so that‘such a huge error is found on the official website and on the online posting of a royal decree accessible to all “, responded Master Fabrice Guttadauria.

The text will be corrected

Contacted by RTL Belgium, Wilfried Verrezen, director of the Monitor, indicated that it was not “the official publication of the text of the law (…) It has no legal value “. “No doubt whoever published this version already had a Word document open, with the recipe,” he quipped. The publication will be corrected, he assured: “We will correct that immediately. Fortunately, this was not an official publication of the Monitor, because we cannot correct them., it would have been necessary to publish an erratum “.

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