Belgians traveling: targets of espionage?

In a world where travel abroad is becoming more affordable and easier, Belgians are traveling more and more, and more and more far away. But "some countries find you more interesting than you think" This is the main message that State Security tries to convey to citizens. For the first time, it releases a pamphlet intended to warn against espionage and foreign influence. "The traveler is vulnerable"and his weaknesses are regularly the target"criminals but also foreign intelligence services."From the first page of the brochure, the tone is given.

For who ?

Limit your exposure before you leave, stay discreet during the trip, and check its supports back: all stages of your mop have their share of recommendations. "With this brochure, we aim for people who travel with interesting documents or information, and it can be everyone. Do not be the number one company or public service. Everyone to play a role in gathering information. We can compare that to a puzzle: foreign services can be interested in a very small part of an information. A simple list of contacts to be a mine of information", explains Ingrid Van Daele, spokesman for the State Security.

Always reachable, always traceable

The brochure focuses primarily on safety tips for smartphones and laptops, with a clear goal: no spy can access or view them. The tips seem obvious, but in a certain nonchalance or naivety, one might miss the basic precautions. Thus, the brochure of the State Security reminds the importance of protecting his password, to control his parameters of respect for privacy on social networks, and to protect his personal data.

Be more attentive when one moves away

When choosing a destination outside the European Union, the recommendations become more important, depending on the degree of threat of the host country. There, the State Security advises to remove your SIM card and the battery of your smartphone if you have to leave it somewhere. But also to avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi networks and not charging your phone via public USB terminals.

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