Day by day, Nativity Scene Francese looks forward with great happiness to the birth of her first child with Fabian Lencinas. However, she felt the need to tell through an extensive discharge that she suffered gender violence from an ex-partner long ago.

“Some time ago I lived the worst prison, the one of fear and emotional and psychological harassment. I was in a really horrendous relationship where it was common for people to tell me phrases like ‘you can’t’, ‘you don’t exist’, ‘you’re fat’ , ‘Who is going to love you?’, ‘Crazy’, ‘unhinged’, ‘mediatic’, and threats such as ‘you’re not going to work anymore in the middle’ “, he began writing in Twitter.

And he emphasized how badly it happened and how much he suffered during that relationship: “Between that ‘without you I die’ and thousands of ‘I love you’ and pleas for affection. This generated me confusion, I suppose it would have that effect in any human being. How do you receive that verbal violence from who supposedly loves you? I understood in therapy that it is the strategy that these accidents generate, they generate it in many of us. Unfortunately, my esteem was destroyed and my fear grew. “

“I was in a really horrendous relationship where it was common for people to tell me phrases like ‘you can’t’, ‘you don’t exist’, ‘you’re fat’, ‘who’s going to love you?’, ‘Crazy’, ‘unhinged’ and ‘media’ “

In addition, she made a strong reflection looking back and standing from another place; enjoying a healthy relationship and a full present. “Today looking from the outside, from a very different present, being a woman who went through that nightmare, I think: luckily and thanks to God and the people who showed me that this was not something healthy, I can tell it, although it took me time “he continued.

And he reflected: “I came to believe in myself those sentences, such as ‘being the one that nobody was going to want’, and today, far from that idiot, I feel a deep love and respect for the people, the public, pride of my 20 years of career, my family, my husband who is the love I always dreamed of, my baby in my womb … And that love makes me brave, because it is real and healthy. “

Before closing, he remarked why he felt the need to make this release. “I needed to share this with the intention that if you are in a relationship where they do not value you, they mistreat you, be strong, love is the opposite of that and thank God I was able to meet it. Seek help, speak, rajah, expose. You are not alone. And we do not shut up anymore, “he concluded.

If you suffer, have suffered or know a person who is a victim of gender violence, you can communicate free of charge every day with line 144.