being narcissistic would protect against mental illness

Narcissism is divided into two categories: the vulnerable and the grandiose. The first concerns people who lack self-confidence and self-love, conversely, the grandiose narcissist is an excess of ego. This second category interested a research team from the University of Belfast, Ireland. In two separate studies, they worked on the consequences of grandiose narcissism on mental health. Scientists find that it can be a force: it reduces the risk of suffering from mental illness and reduces the sensitivity to stress.

Less stress and less risk of depression

In European Psychiatry, the researchers analyzed the effects of grandiose narcissism on mental health. It would allow for greater psychological strength and decrease the risk of suffering from depression. For people categorized as vulnerable narcissists, these findings are not verified. In the second study, published in Personality and Individual Differencesscientists realize that grandiose narcissism would protect against stress. "The results of our studies show that grandiose narcissism is correlated with very positive signs of mental strength, such as trust or goal pursuit," says Kostas Papageorgiou, co-author of the study. symptoms of depression or stress. "

An interest in understanding depression

According to the researcher, these findings help to learn more about depression. "This research helps to understand the occurrence of depression in society, adds the researcher, if a person is stronger mentally, it is more likely to overcome the trials, rather than consider them as obstacles." In parallel both studies de-demonize narcissistic traits, while some are harmful to life in society, others should be encouraged.

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