Beijing Motor Show 2020: Lamborghini Urus Graphite Capsule –

For Urus customers looking for exclusivity and customization, Lamborghini unveils a whole range of new shades and color combinations, called Graphite Capsule. The mast is in the spotlight, sobriety goes by the wayside… which was already not really the credo of the Taurus SUV.

The mere fact that the 2020 edition of the Beijing Motor Show is being held is already an event in itself. The novelties are rare there, in reality. At Lamborghini, for example, it is simply a matter of ensuring a presence, despite the absence of a real world first. The manufacturer nevertheless took the opportunity to present a new collection of exterior colors and interior finishes for the Urus.

This range of colors, called Graphite Caspule, allows you to choose between four new matt liveries: white, black and two shades of gray, enhanced with more vivid patterns (orange, yellow or green) present on the side sills, the front bumper. , the contours of 23-inch rims (specific to the Graphite Capsule), or the rear spoiler. 16 combinations are available.

The passenger compartment gets a treatment in the same vein, with forcefully anodized aluminum and carbon inserts. The seats in Alcantara and the center console accents bear hints of the exterior color. Nothing new, however, concerning the 650 hp biturbo V8. Neither its prices, always starting at just over 212,000 euros in the basic version. Cosmetic treatment Graphite Capsule asks for around 230,000 euros, i.e. 20,000 euros extra compared to a classic Urus.

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