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Is the iPhone Xr at 659 euros on Amazon and Cdiscount a good plan just before Black Friday?

SMARTPHONES – Although new iPhone came out in this year 2019, Apple still kept in its catalog the iPhone Xr. And the brand is right. In addition to being an excellent smartphone, it is also the most interesting to access iOS without breaking the bank (for a high-end device).

Indeed, the price of the iPhone Xr has declined at the same time that the iPhone 11 are out. It is now 709 euros in its 64 GB version. You can however find it on sale at 659 euros on Amazon and Cdiscount. Or at the same price as the aging iPhone 8 Plus with 64 GB still present on the Apple Store. A rate that seems at first sight interesting, even before Black Friday.

Since Apple products are rarely promoted, The HuffPost checked these offers to see if they were worth it. And that's the case.

Why The HuffPost certify these specials

To make sure the offer is interesting, we used the Camel Camel Camel price comparison to get started. It tracks the price of a product sold by Amazon. The black 64GB version of the iPhone Xr has never been sold at a lower price in the past. Buying it at 659 euros is a good deal.

Idealo, a tool to compare the price of a product on several merchant sites at the same time, allowed us to see that Cdiscount was offering it at the same price.

The other cheaper iPhone Xrs all come from different market places, and therefore from third-party sellers.

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Using the Camel Camel Camel price comparison, we realize that the iPhone Xr has never been so affordable.

It is more interesting to go directly through Amazon or Cdiscount, depending on your preference. In addition to ensuring a good tracking of your order, it will be easier to trade with them in case of problems with the product.

Regarding the iPhone Xr as such, it is part of our comparison of the best iPhone still today, although it will be replaced by the iPhone 11 which shares the same philosophy (to be a ticket of entry ).

The iPhone Xr is the most affordable to enjoy the latest iOS interface, good enough in the photo despite the presence of a single sensor on the back and still very powerful. It will be perfect to enjoy the latest services of the brand, Apple Arcade for video games and Apple TV +.

How? 'Or' What The HuffPost check the promos

In recent years, sales are down and fashion is in permanent promotions, especially online. They flood social networks, newsletters and specialized sites. So much so that some people buy only according to the discount put forward by the sellers.

The problem is that these promotions are not always. They sometimes deceive the consumer by mentioning an original price higher than the reality, offer similar products, but different, coming from abroad.

And even if the price decrease is real, remains the question of its relevance. Even with 20% promotion, a disastrous value product will never be a good investment. It is for all these reasons that The HuffPost decided to check the relevance of these permanent promotions.

The promos we select are those that are most shared on the web at a time T. These may be offers identified on aggregators of promos like Dealabs, flash sales on e-commerce sites or those shared by specialized tech sites.

At first, we are only interested in promotions on categories of products that we regularly test like smartphones, noise reduction headsets or wireless headphones.

We then compare the quality of the product found during our tests and research with the new quality / price ratio once the promotion is applied.

For the moment, we make the choice to approve only the offers of sites based in France.

But, especially for tech products, we will gradually expand our spectrum to foreign sites as our expertise in the field becomes more refined.

During Black Friday, we will offer you an analysis of the most interesting promotions in the categories of which we have developed expertise since the beginning of the section. The good choice:

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