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Marie Mahé, published on Wednesday August 26, 2020 at 7:40 p.m.

On Wednesday, McLaren announced to the Bahrain cycling team that it will end their partnership at the end of this 2020 cycling season. Indeed, the brand wants to focus only on Formula 1.

Bahrain-McLaren will therefore only have carried this name for one short season. Indeed, this Wednesday, the British team announced to the cycling team that it would end their partnership at the end of this 2020 cycling season, necessarily special due to the coronavirus pandemic which is still continuing. still today to prevail across the world. A collaboration which therefore only lasted a short year. To justify its decision, the car manufacturer clarified that it simply wanted to focus exclusively on Formula 1, where it is also part of the historic teams. Initially, the Bahrain-McLaren team, which had thus taken over from Bahrain-Merida, should have been called that for a period of two years.

Landa will be the team leader on the Tour de France

Before this collaboration ceases, the Bahraini team will be involved in a number of races as prestigious as each other. This Saturday, she will be part of the teams that will officially start the Tour de France 2020. Among the riders invited to the party, the leader will be none other than the Spaniard Mikel Landa. On the other hand, among the great absentees of this edition, we can notably quote the Briton Mark Cavendish, who is part of the Bahrain-McLaren team and who has, to his credit, no less than 30 stage wins on the Grande Boucle.

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