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Mathieu WARNIER, published on Tuesday July 14, 2020 at 8:20 am

According to Cyclingnews, faced with economic difficulties, the British car manufacturer McLaren will end its partnership with the Bahrain-McLaren team at the end of the 2020 season.

The prestigious McLaren name may have only made a quick turn in the professional cycling peloton. Arrived alongside the Kingdom of Bahrain, in which the sovereign wealth fund Mumtalakat is the majority shareholder of the British manufacturer, McLaren is about to end its partnership with the Bahrain-McLaren team according to the site Cyclingnews. A decision that comes when, due to the economic crisis following the health crisis, the manufacturer had to part with 1,200 employees. At the same time, the riders and the staff of the Bahraini team accepted a drop in salary of up to 70% in order to allow the training to survive in the absence of races for several months. Survival that is not in question for the 2021 season.

Bahrain-McLaren looking for sponsors

Always according to Cyclingnews, wages will not be paid in full for the 2020 season, with payments estimated at 75% of annual salary expected, but the ruling family of Bahrain has assured that the team will continue next season. “The team is working on something but nothing concrete has yet been concluded. The Prince continues to support the team but, at the moment, he is almost the only one to keep it alive. McLaren is focused on the sustainability of its commitment in Formula 1. ”Contacted by Cyclingnews, Bahrain-McLaren team boss Rob Ellingworth confirmed he was looking for partners but did not want to confirm an outright withdrawal from McLaren. “We are constantly looking for partners and discussions are ongoing. McLaren remains the owner of half the team alongside Bahrain and we will race with McLaren on the jersey. McLaren is going through a rough patch but we are continuing to move forward. "Agreed statements but which suggest that McLaren's withdrawal is only a matter of time.

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