BAC and BEM 2020: Advice from a psychologist to candidates

The psychologist and senior lecturer at Oran 2 University, Ms. Fatima-Zohra Sebaâ-Delladj, believes that it is "important to prepare candidates for the BAC and BEM exams for barrier gestures".

In an interview with our colleague Freedom, Ms. Fatima-Zohra Sebaâ-Delladj, psychologist and lecturer at Oran 2 University, spoke about the psychological after-effects that this pandemic could have on candidates for the BAC and BEM tests.

Asked about the state of mind of these candidates, especially in the face of such a situation, Ms. Sebaâ-Delladj explained that this pandemic could affect "the psychology of candidates, but also their behavior".

“It seems obvious that this pandemic parenthesis, as you say, will affect not only the psychological state of the candidates but also their behaviors and their attitude and could even lead to high rates of absence of the candidates but also of the supervisors and the personnel of 'framing. Let us not forget that for the BEM and the bac, we are dealing with adolescents who might at first approach the exam somewhat lightly, using the health situation as an excuse ", she confirmed.

In this same context, the psychologist explained the role that "correct preparation for barrier gestures" could play. According to her, preventive measures could add "negative stress" to candidates if they have not prepared beforehand.

“The measures taken in terms of health may increase negative stress in some. Everything will depend on what the candidate has experienced before and there is no miracle: if in his immediate environment he has been properly prepared for barrier gestures, there will be no problem, otherwise it will be more difficult to s 'adapt for those who will read them and apply them at the time of the examination ", she explained.

Regarding the fear of contamination by the Covid-19 virus, Ms. Sebaâ-Delladj stressed that the fear of contracting the Coronavirus was added "to the stress, usual, of examinations and to the possible risk of sanction in the event of non-compliance with preventive measures ”. However, she reassured about the simplicity of the application of the health protocol, recalling, once again, the importance of "individual and collective" preparation.

"We must not forget that the exam situation is already highly anxiety-provoking and now there is the fear of contamination and of the sanction for non-compliance with the rules for recalcitrant adolescents. As with any situation, you have to prepare individually and collectively. The barrier gestures are easy to follow and the protocol in place must be followed which, I hope, has been seriously thought out and studied to reassure applicants and their parents. Once reassured by the educational staff and their parents, the candidates will be at their best to manage only the stress due to the exam ", she added.

The last point addressed by Ms. Fatima-Zohra Sebaâ-Delladj dealt with “institutional communication” and its role in reducing stress among candidates and their parents.

"Communication (from the Ministry of National Education) is really not our strong point. We always act for others and not with others. Decision-makers, before making any decision, must consult, listen and take into account the complaints made. Mastery of communication is fundamental for the success of any public policy and must be continuous and adapted to the different target audiences ", she estimated.

“As proof of non-compliance with efficient communication, the various directives issued by teaching, education and training structures are often contradictory or so confused that we understand one thing and its opposite, whatever the language used (Arabic, French or English) ”, she concluded.

As a reminder, the BEM test is scheduled from tomorrow, Monday 7 until Wednesday 9 September, while the BAC test is scheduled from Sunday 13 to Thursday 17 September.

Editorial staff of Algeria 360.

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