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The latest update from Tesla brings many new features for the brand's electric cars. Note for example the arrival of Twitch or Stardew Valley and the backgammon game in the Tesla Arcade menu.

For Christmas, Tesla has made a nice gift to its customers by rolling out a new Remote Update (OTA). Little poetically baptized 2019.40.50, it brings its share of diverse and varied novelties.

Ergonomics revised so as not to have to go through the touch screen

Tesla electric car owners will now be able to take advantage of new voice commands to limit the use of the center screen during driving phases. By voice, it will be possible, among other things, to ask your Tesla where the nearest Superchargers are, to open the glove compartment or to switch on the heated seats. It will also be possible to dictate text so as not to have to use the touch keyboard.

Improvements have also been made in the management of SMS. “When a new message is received, press the scroll wheel on the right to have your message read aloud, and press again to reply by speaking aloud”, specifies the update note.

Autopilot and security

Tesla equipped with hardware 3 (HW3) now displays stops and traffic lights as a teaser for the FSD (Full Self-Driving) version of the Autopilot. However, Europe is unlikely to be the first continent to benefit from advances in Tesla’s autonomous driving system. Indeed, the Model S and Model X of the European Union have seen their autonomous driving capacities restrained. For example, the famous Smart Summon mode is only functional if the user is less than 6 m from his vehicle, according to an email received by customers and relayed by ELECTrek.

A new feature is emerging. It is now possible to configure the integrated dashcam system so that it automatically records the scene each time the driver gives a horn. In the event of a dangerous situation, users will not have to think about activating the recording manually if they have honked their horns.

Always more entertainment

Finally, Tesla would not be Tesla if the brand did not offer some additions which are not necessarily useful, but which allow you to have a good time in the vehicles of the brand. Note for example the arrival of Twitch in the Tesla Theater and that of the backgammon game and Stardew Valley in the Tesla Arcade menu.

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Finally, Tesla is launching TRAX v0.1, a music creation application that will undoubtedly pass the time, for example when recharging. “In addition to creating a visual masterpiece with the Tesla Sketchpad, you can now create audio masterpieces with TRAX. Just add a few instruments, adjust the tempo and record multiple tracks to start creating new music right in your car. Once you're done, save your music and load it for later playback ”, we read in the release note.

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