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Born 25 years ago and sold more than 7.5 million copies, the Audi A4, which has been in the lead for many years, has seen its rivals, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C Class pass to him after a makeover.

The four-ring sedan, which is the fifth generation, is also available in Avant (the biggest sales) and Allroad since 2015.

Restyling this time is not superficial. Strokes of the scalpel on the bodywork are clearly visible, especially on the front largely reworked with beveled headlights and flanks with two lines well carved on the rear wheel arches giving it an athletic look.

New 163 hp diesel

It's under the hood that the revolution has largely operated with a new diesel engine 4 cylinders, no more than 150 but 163 hp with a torque that in the process has gained 60 Nm to 380 Nm, associated with a slight hybridization on 12-volt Mild Hybrid technology.

The principle: recover energy while braking up and store it in a small battery housed in the trunk to restore it to acceleration and during phases of freewheels between 60 and 160 km / h.

On this subject, when you see the digital tachometer needle go down to 0, do not panic. But this "reserve" of electric power also allows a restart of the stop & start smoothly and active from 22 km / h to reconcile you with this function not always discreet on many vehicles. Gain announced: 0.4 l of fuel per cent.

V6 TDI of 347 hp for the S 4

If the Audi S4 always arrives with a V6 engine, the fuel has changed and the sensations too.

This V6 diesel 347 hp offers a torque of 700 Nm with a micro-hybridization of 48 volts and necessarily a larger battery for the same effects with, in addition, an electric compressor.

In a world where diesel did not seem to find favor in the eyes of public authorities in many countries, Audi, for Europe, embarked on this path, not by "idealism" but to meet the expectations of drivers who drive a lot and want to have a vehicle that has "respondent".

Admittedly, the A4 has, the respondent, but the sound of diesel is not that of gasoline … And we must get used to another style of driving to find the good feelings. It goes well in curves and do not hesitate to play paddles driving to be on the right report. And returning to a more reasonable behavior does not scare him …

The Avant cut for the family

Aboard the new Audi A4 Avant, we find the neat finish of the German manufacturer with a beautiful slab very reactive 10.1 inches and the disappearance of the famous knob on the center console.

After this little revolution, and the vibration of the TDI the time it rises in temperature, the universe becomes more cozy and the "virtual cockpit" allows to have in front of multiple information, including the recall of the GPS in the account -tours and also head-up to stay focused on the road.

The box is quite soft and you can play with the paddles for a more dynamic driving, or select your driving style on the digital slab. Made to swallow miles family, this premium sedan holds its rank although it is sometimes a bit firm. But thanks to its driving aids, it remains a safe bet.

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