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The second shone for its safety, the third was the first hybrid city car and here is the fourth of the name, which must in turn take up the challenge of novelty.

The fact of being entirely built in France (in Valencienne) does not constitute a particular feat at European level – although France could be congratulated for it – it is in the on-board equipment that Toyota has provided the effort.

The equipment and above all, the new platform, responding to the sweet name of GA-B. Undoubtedly under this barbaric name hides one of the best current chassis in the (B) segment, if not the best. A little marvel of sitting on the asphalt, in all circumstances.

Automotive Testing Toyota Yaris hybrid is the 4th - Automotive / Testing | Toyota Yaris hybrid: is the 4th generation the best? - The Republican Lorrain

We liked

Exceptional road holding

Very low consumption

Plethora of equipment

Look fabulous

If you consider the exterior of the new Yaris, the Candide could easily believe in the tamed version of a rally beast.

Its oversized grille, with its wing gills widening its front face and aggressive LED “eyes”, seems to want to swallow the bitumen.

Lowered skirt, prominent rear fenders and very sporty tailgate confirm the overall sporty appearance.

The very neat upholstery and the driving position do not deny it either. They “licked” their work, the engineers of the rising sun!

Everything here is designed to keep your eyes on the road, on the version we tried (Premiere version). The controls are naturally handy, the small multifunction steering wheel controls just about all the electronics in the car.

The rest is focused on the center console (driving mode, ESP disengagement, parking brake) or on the large central touch screen.

And to be sure that your eyes won't take off the road, a very complete head-up transmission is projected onto the windshield; equipment usually offered only on high-end cars.

And still that damn CVT box

Under the hood and, the new Yaris hides a three-cylinder in-line Dynamic force 1.5 liters (with chain distribution) developing 116 horsepower, coupled to two electric generator motors; the first for front road traction and the second for the second to start the engine and generate electricity to charge the 177.6-volt lithium-ion battery.

Manufacturer data indicates that this new electric technology would allow driving 100% electric up to a speed of 130 km / h.

The transmission is unfortunately still served by a CVT (variable transmission). A Japanese craze, praised by Asians for its energy saving, but which offers that hateful "moped effect"; constant engine noise at maximum acceleration as the vehicle gently shifts.

Admittedly on the Yaris, the effect has been diminished a little by an electronic staging of the power, but it is not yet, alas.

We didn't like

The CVT gearbox and its “moped effect”

The lack of reversing radar, replaced by a camera in France

Some vibrations due to bass from the audio system

She sticks to the road

In the driving position, the car is more than satisfactory. Space, fully adjustable, visibility: what more could you ask for? Driving pleasure, you might say. He is there.

Between the driving aids worthy of a "big one" and the chassis giving exemplary road holding, you feel completely safe even on the most severe roads, albeit in a city car.

This is the great strength of this 4th generation Toyota Yaris.

Technical sheet

Length: 3.94 m

Width: 1.75 m

Height: 1.50 m

Empty weight: 1090 kg

Number of seats: 5

Tank: 42 l

Boot volume: 286 to 947 l


Number of cylinders: 3 in line

Capacity: 1490 cm3

Din power: 116 ch

Engine torque: 120 Nm at 3600 rpm

Transmission: front

Transmission: automatic CVT

Performance and consumption (manufacturer data)

Max speed: 180 km / h

0/100 km / h acceleration: 10.2 sec

Combined consumption: 4.3 l / 100 km

CO2: 100 g / km

Standards, taxation, prices

Emission standard: Euro VI

Fiscal power: 5 CV

Price: from € 20,950 to € 25,450 (model tested).

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