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On the program of the celebrations, after taking control of the sedan on the small roads of the Marseille hinterland, the 800 kilometers of motorway separating the Marseille capital from Paname.

Two rules for us: travel the route with only one tank of gasoline and stay at the maximum authorized speed as soon as traffic permits.

8:15 am. The fuel is filled (50 liters), the fuel tank hatch sealed. There are two of us in the sedan. First cold sweats, the on-board computer indicates a range of 710 km for an average consumption of 8.8 liters per hundred kilometers, by setting the Efficient mode (the most economical).

Clearly, impossible to fulfill the contract. It will be even worse after two kilometers in the morning traffic jams of Marseille. Recalculated consumption: 10.5 l / 100km. Too bad, we still try to meet the challenge.

The right foot more than light on the accelerator, the driving fluid, the cruise control disengaged … Nothing better on the on-board computer.

Even trying to use the suction of a particularly… swift local craftsman's van. And then the first miracle happens. Consumption has just fallen by a tenth of a liter to every hundred. Not enough to cry victory but hey.

The first descent is in front of us. We take our foot off the accelerator and there, big (good) surprise, the heat engine no longer runs and consumption drops.

It is the MHEV (Mild hybrid electric vehicle / micro-hybridization of 48 volts) which has just taken over!

It will go off systematically as soon as cruising speed makes us slack off and no other vehicle is detected in front of us by the onboard radars.

After a hundred kilometers, consumption fell to 6 liters, then 5.9. Once the “shot” is found, we stabilize at 5.8l / 100km.

4:35 p.m.. After 800 km, including leaving Marseille and traffic in Paris, we recorded an average consumption of 5.9 l / 100km (another crew on a 150 hp TDI model will consume, under the same conditions, 4.6 l / 100km).

And there was still enough in the tank to drive 75 km more.

Nothing to say in terms of sobriety, for this 150 horsepower gasoline engine!

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