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Lexus has taken another step forward in improving safety and driving comfort by presenting digital mirrors on its ES 300h Hybrid sedan at the next Geneva Motor Show.

The end of blind spots responsible for many accidents on our roads.

Refined ergonomics

The side mirrors are replaced by HD cameras which are connected to screens located on the dashboard.

This camera system replaces traditional mirrors. These cameras transmit the image on screens positioned on the windshield pillars.

This does not disturb the driving habits of the driver by projecting the images in the same visual axis as conventional mirrors.

In the same spirit, the customer can adjust the cameras in a natural way by using commands similar to those of conventional mirrors.

AUTOMOTIVE NEWS. Lexus replaces mirrors with cameras Le - AUTOMOTIVE / NEWS. Lexus replaces mirrors with cameras - Le Dauphiné Libéré
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Better rear view

This device allows the driver to benefit from increased rear view, avoid blind spots and improve his vision during maneuvers.

The cameras offer optimal vision even at night, in rain or snow thanks to an anti-glare design.

They are equipped with defrosting and demisting and are positioned to reduce their exposure to dust or rain.

Integrated visual cues allow the driver to understand the safety distances or the proximity of other users during the maneuvers.

An asset for design and aerodynamics

Thinner than traditional mirrors, the exterior cameras allow designers to fine-tune the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle while reducing unwanted noise in the passenger compartment.

One more weapon in the quest for lower consumption. These digital exterior mirrors have been in service since 2018 in Japan on the Lexus ES 300h, the first mass-produced car to benefit from them.

They are entering the European range at the next Geneva Motor Show to be held from March 5 to 15, 2020.

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