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The hunt for C02 continues at all manufacturers and at BMW there is a track coupling a six-cylinder in-line Diesel engine and a light hybridization, in the form of a starter generator. What bring to the SUV X5 and X6 additional power and torque while being more virtuous.

Diesel and light hybrid, a unique solution

Today, most of the hybrid offer on the market consists of proposing a true petrol / electric hybridization or a light petrol / battery hybridization, making it possible to come to the aid of the combustion engine at start-up or during acceleration phases.

Mercedes remains the only one to offer a hybrid diesel with its rechargeable E-Class. Its competitor BMW chooses a different solution with this light hybridization.

The alternator-starter provides 11 more hp, which are used during acceleration phases. Above all, they relieve the diesel engine and thus collect a few grams of CO2.

BMW, still a follower of “6 in line”

For its internal combustion engine, the propeller manufacturer obviously trusts the 6-cylinder in-line. This 3.0 turbo diesel has also been revised. It goes from 265 hp and 620 Nm of torque to 340 hp and 700 Nm.

Reduce CO2

The lower consumption is accompanied by a decrease in CO2 emissions, which are here at 154 g / km for the X5 and 153 g / km for the X6. This 40d will come in the range in addition to the still available 30d.

With these micro-hybridizations, the manufacturer is expanding its offer between 100% electric, such as the small i3, petrol hybrids and now diesel micro-hybrids.

So many solutions intended to reduce CO2 emissions, meet the objectives set by the European Union and thus avoid very heavy fines.

Prices have yet to be released.

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