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Less than 24 hours after the presentation of a special Bugatti champagne cuvée, the announcement of a possible sale of the luxury car brand was freshly received in Molsheim. The revelation of the British monthly Car Magazine , reporting the decision of the Volkswagen group to sell Bugatti to Croatian manufacturer Rimac, is "a rumor", according to Tim Bravo. Reached by phone, Bugatti's communications director, a member of the management committee, declined to comment. Because we "do not comment on a rumor". "It's not confirmed," insists Tim Bravo who, like Bugatti chairman Stephan Winckelmann, is based in Molsheim and lives in Strasbourg.

Porsche shareholder of Rimac

According to the British monthly , a plan to sell Bugatti to Rimac was approved by Volkswagen executives last week and is awaiting approval from the supervisory board of the German group, owner of the general brands Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda but also sports like Porsche or Lamborghini, or luxury with Bentley adding to Bugatti. Car Magazine adds that the agreement with the Croatian brand would imply that Porsche, which owns 15% of Rimac's capital, further increases the capital of this manufacturer specializing in electric cars. So far from the world of Bugattti. An often-mentioned hypothesis The German press reporter DPA was extremely cautious about the revelations of the British monthly, of which it could not obtain confirmation. “Bugatti is going through the crisis relatively well this year. The pandemic has not affected the luxury goods sector as much as mass consumption, although demand has also fallen, "note our colleagues from DPA. With 82 cars produced and therefore sold in 2019, Bugatti is largely profitable. However, the hypothesis of a sale by the VW group comes up regularly, as it does with Lamborghini and Bentley. It was particularly mentioned during the dieselgate which had put the Volkswagen group in great financial difficulty. Which has not finished settling the bill for this rigged engine scandal and may need to top up its funds by selling Bugatti. The fact remains that the strength of the manufacturer from Molsheim is also to be able to rely on the strength of the Volkswagen Group teams. A force that the Croatian Rimac obviously does not have.

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