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The news of a possible rapprochement with Fiat Chrysler has raised lively questions on Wednesday at the PSA Mulhouse site. "At this point, employees are not worried, but attentive to what could happen," observes Julien Wostyn, CGT. It recalls the particularly sensitive local context of declining production, technical unemployment, continued decline in the workforce (currently 4,800 CDI) and a drastic reduction in the number of temporary workers, despite the very good results of the group.

"We will inevitably be attacked"

It also recalls the precedent of the acquisition of the German Opel at General Motors two years ago, which led to "a competition of European factories." "An acquisition or a merger does not only translate into growth: it is also economies of scale, the removal of what management sees as duplicates … There are systematically attacks on jobs and wages", says Julien Wostyn. Without wishing to play the "alarmist", he believes that employees must "prepare to defend their common interests". "We will inevitably be attacked," he predicts.

"We took advantage of a meeting of the Central Economic and Social Committee (CSE) this Wednesday morning to address the issue, and management assured us that there was no plan to close the site," says his Laurent Gautherat, head of the CFE-CGC section and secretary of the central CSE. "We will be vigilant for the maintenance of jobs in our territory and the social impacts of such a rapprochement," he added nonetheless.

PSA management had scheduled a phone meeting with the unions early Thursday morning.

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