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The Japanese automaker has been a pioneer in the hybrid for 15 years. To prove the advantages of hybridization brought by its models, Lexus has had them tested by professors from Polytechnique and École CentraleSupélec. The results are surprising.

Provide scientific advice

Anxious to confirm with impartial and concrete answers, the advantages of the auto-rechargeable Hybrid technology, in terms of energy saving and emission reduction, Lexus commissioned in March 2020 a study led by Professor Jean-Pierre Ponssard from École Polytechnique and Professor Yannick Perez from CentraleSupélec school.

Tests in real conditions

106 tests were carried out on a road course in Ile de France, with Lexus UX Hybrid and ES Hybrid and in real conditions. Three types of journeys, urban,

peri-urban and highway were taken. Trips in the Paris region from Antony to Palaiseau, via the A86 and the N118. Six of the brand's vehicles were used for the occasion, covering a total of 3,540 kilometers.

Eloquent results

Over the entire test, the study was able to demonstrate that the Lexus run in all-electric mode (therefore zero emissions) 63.4% of the time and 45.9% of the distance.

If only the acceleration phases are retained, when the power is transmitted to the wheels, the Lexus operate in zero emission mode 40.8% of the time and 25.4% of the travel distance.

We learn that in town, the Lexus emit no emissions 85.5% of the time and 74.5% of the driving distance.

It is obviously in urban areas that the issues related to air quality are the most important.

Lexus Hybrid Specialist

A study that demonstrates and confirms the capabilities of Lexus Hybrid models to offer a significant reduction in emissions.

A vision defended by the brand since 2005 and the launch of the RX 400h. Since then, the Toyota satellite brand has delivered nearly 1.7 million electrified vehicles.

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