Auto: why the new Toyota Yaris hybrid "ticks all the boxes"

She's there Toyota the most sold in France. Since its inception, the Yaris has sold more than half a million copies in France. Its new version, hybrid, arrives in concession.

Economical, ecological, elegant, the new Toyota Yaris ticks all the boxes. While the Japanese manufacturer has long been alone in the hybrid market, it sees competition appearing from both sides, such as Renault and its new E-Tech.

Toyota has therefore decided to thoroughly revise its city ​​star. First good surprise, an assumed style that makes you forget the bland and all-purpose aspect of the previous model.

Then the new Yaris has established itself as the safest car in the world in its category thanks to three innovations: a "head-up" vision, a central airbag to protect the driver and passenger and emergency braking.

A model at 20,000 €

Under the hood, with 116 horsepower, this new model is more powerful than the old one. However, it does not consume more: in town, it promises to run at 80% on electric energy against 60% previously. Its price, higher than the thermal model, is € 20,000, a difference of around 2,000 €. Unfortunately, no purchasing aid for this model.

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