Audi: the calendar of new products until 2022 –

Very important moment for Audi, which will launch in a few days the new generation of a bestseller, the A3! This schedule of novelties from the ring firm therefore begins with a piece of choice!

This renewal was expected, because the previous generation dated from 2012 and had gotten old in front of the competition… and in front of the other Audi. The brand had indeed chained launches in recent months, notably unveiling in 2018 the new A1, A6, Q3 and Q8! The A7 and A8 date from the end of 2017. There should therefore be a restyling cycle, once these vehicles reach four years. This will notably be the case in 2020 for Q2 and Q5, which will therefore be entitled to a facelift by the end of the year.

The third major component of the innovations at Audi is of course the development of the electric range. After the duo e-tron and e-tron Sportback, we will have the e-tron GT and Q4 e-tron.

We will have to wait until 2022/2023 to see a new generation of models now well known, the A4 and Q7.

The Audi 2020-2022 launch schedule

May 2020 A3 Sportback New generation (4th)
September 2020 A3 Sedan New bodywork
September 2020 Q2 Restyling
Late 2020 Q5 restyled and Q5 Sporback Restyling and new bodywork
Late 2020 S3 New variant
Spring 2021 e-tron GT New model
Spring 2021 RS3 New variant
Current 2021 AT 8 Restyling
Late 2021 Q4 e-tron New model
2022 A6 and A7 Restyling
2022 Q7 New generation (3rd)

Restyled Q5 and Q5 Sportback – Late 2020

Appeared at the end of 2016, the Q5 quickly got a little old fashioned. It must be said that Audi has changed the style of its Q family shortly after its launch, including the all-new Q3 and Q8 in 2018. As it did for the Q7 last year, the manufacturer does will therefore not hesitate to thoroughly review the design of its intermediate SUV. This will adopt the new eight-sided grille of the brand's backpackers. The look will be sharper, the gills more exuberant. The interior will, however, be satisfied with a larger screen.

But the big news will be the doubling of the Q5 offer! Audi confirmed this at the start of the year, there will be a Q5 Sportback. Like the Q3 Sportback, it will be a variant with a more slender silhouette, with plunging roof and inclined bezel. Proof that the rationalization of the range is not for immediately at Audi!

e-tron GT – Early 2021

Audi the calendar of new products until 2022 - Audi: the calendar of new products until 2022 -

The third member of the e-tron family will be a large four-door coupe, GT-like. The model must also become both the standard bearer of the electric models of the rings, but also of Audi Sport. As we have seen with the camouflaged vehicles seen in test, the design will be faithful to that of the concept car (photo). The look will be muscular and tortured! On the technical side, this GT e-tron will take up the base of the Porsche Taycan, the PPE platform. The technical elements (motors, batteries) should logically be shared. The Porsche offers up to 625 hp without the overboost function (761 hp with) and has batteries from 79.2 to 92.4 kWh, giving up to 463 km of WLTP autonomy. Audi will present the production version at the end of the year at the Los Angeles Motor Show.

S3 and RS3 – Early 2021

The A3 has just opened the fourth chapter in its history. In terms of bodywork, the offer is already complete, since Audi has unveiled the Sportback and the Sedan, and the 3-door and convertible no longer exist. However, the mechanical offer is far from complete. The plug-in hybrid variants are missing, for example. But fans especially expect sports variations.

For Audi, they are important for the image of course, but also in terms of sales. The S3 should logically point the tip of its hood first. The mystery remains on mechanics. We expect to find the 2.0 TFSI four-cylinder at least 300 hp … but several S switched to diesel in 2019! Side RS3, no doubt, we will have the same mechanics as in the RSQ3 launched last year. This remained faithful to the five-cylinder 2.5 TFSI 400 hp. The power could be a bit inflated to compete with the 421 hp of the Mercedes Class A 45 AMG S of 421 hp.

Q4 e-tron – End of 2021

1589972303 977 Audi the calendar of new products until 2022 - Audi: the calendar of new products until 2022 -

After high-end models, Audi will finally offer a more accessible electric vehicle, the Q4 e-tron. It will be its first vehicle based on the MEB platform, designed for electrics from Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda. The annunciator concept was 4.59 meters long, a few centimeters shorter than the Q5. The vehicle had two engines, one on each axle, for a combined power of 225 kW, or 306 hp. This is what Skoda has just announced for its Enyaq RS. The Q4 e-tron will therefore be a technical cousin of the Enyaq and the Volkswagen ID.4, which will exist with less powerful technical configurations (the basic versions have a single engine at the rear).

What future for the R8 and TT?

Sales of the R8 are average. Audi has been reluctant to throw in the towel, especially since it must invest heavily in electric cars. But at the start of the year, Oliver Hoffmann, boss of Audi Sport, mentioned the arrival of a third generation of the supercar of the rings! He even indicated that it should adopt a hybrid mechanism, which could therefore be the case for the cousin of Lamborghini. For the TT, it is much more vague. The volumes are low and the brand can do without this model, which is less important for the "luxury" image than the R8. Rumors are therefore rife, some suggesting the launch of a 100% electric model instead. Perhaps a cousin of the future Boxster and Cayman if Porsche decides to make electric models of it.

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