Audi supports aquatic rescue with a check for 25,000 euros – – –

In an emergency, the Bavarian Red Cross's water rescue service is a real lifeline. Audi is supporting the work of the five district water rescue organizations around the Ingolstadt site with a donation totaling 25,000 euros.

The district organizations of Eichstätt, Ingolstadt, Kelheim, Neuburg-Schrobenhausen and Pfaffenhofen each receive 5,000 euros. The donation was presented at the Ingolstadt Baggersee rescue station, with attendees Michael Goß and David Hendrich from the Ingolstadt district organization representing the water rescue service, as well as Ute Röding, responsible for citizenship of company at Audi, and Gertraud Grünwald, director of fund support at Audi.

“Summer is the time for swimming and unfortunately also the time of many swimming accidents. The water rescue services are doing an outstanding job here in terms of rescue and on technically difficult terrain as well as with their swimming lessons, which we are happy to support with our donation ", said Ute Röding. Michael Goß expressed his thanks for the donation and for the appreciation of the volunteer efforts of the Water Rescue Service: “Everyone on the water rescue team is super motivated and extremely dedicated – but sometimes they lack up-to-date equipment. The donation from AUDI AG shows that the dedication of our many volunteers is appreciated and it motivates us for the future. "

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