Audi subscription options such as matrix LED lights - Audi: subscription options, such as matrix LED lights -

After BMW, it's Audi's turn to test the subscription format for some of the options in the catalog. For example, it will be necessary to go through monthly payments to benefit from matrix LED lights rather than conventional LED lights. But only in Germany and Norway, for now.

Who would have thought that one day, the automobile would follow the pattern of video games? Not many people, fifteen years ago. Yet business models evolve, and remote connectivity and ease of upgrades allow manufacturers to adopt new strategies. This was notably made popular by Tesla which offers various equipment "on demand", and other brands are now following, going further. At BMW, for example, it is possible to access certain options in the form of subscriptions (to avoid paying for an option physically present in the car but which would only be useful for a short period of time. on the life of the car).

Audi intends to follow this policy since the brand is introducing a new option access format in Germany and Norway. The system of "pay to play" (pay to use) will apply to a piece of equipment that is unprecedented: lighthouses.

On the e-tron and e-tron Sportback, customers will thus be able to access Matrix LED lights, but only by subscription. Without payment, drivers will only have access to conventional Full LED lights. On second-hand resale, the next customer will benefit from the remaining subscription months, but will then have to choose to extend or stop them.

This subscription format could be extended to the rest of the catalog and soon be offered in other European and global markets.

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