Audi SQ8 by ABT – The 520 hp diesel! – France

ABT Sportsline is very appreciative of the cars of the Volkswagen Group. This time, the driver focused his energy to disgorge the Audi SQ8. This SUV, you probably know it. He has an engine V8 TDI of 435 hp for 900 Nm of couple. It's a big toy, weighing more than 2.4 tons on the scale, but capable of accelerating 0 to 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds.

For ABT Sportsline, it was necessary to give more madness to this SUV. He then imagined a body kit that you can see on different media. The tuner He did not go through four ways, he painted the car in black, which suits him particularly well. The only color elements are the mirror covers and the red brake calipers. Of course, you can set your preparation to your sauce. If you want a more colorful look, ABT Sportsline can do it for you.

This Audi SQ8 seems very sure of himself, he poses proudly with his huge 23-inch wheels. It is threatening limit, which will be perfect for people who do not want to be this 'mister everyone'. The icing on the cake, the Audi SQ8 by ABT has received some technical improvements so that its power is boosted. The diesel engine goes from 435 hp to 520 hp, while the couple climbs to 970 Nm. This is not enough for this big SUV, since its acceleration only improves by 0.3 seconds …

Too bad, because the Audi SQ8 will soon give way to the Audi RS Q8 will be placed at the top of the hierarchy. The RS Q8 will abandon the diesel engine of the SQ8 in favor of a gasoline engine. We believe that this mastodon will receive the V8 block of the Audi RS 6 Avant, whose power peaks at 600 hp. If you can not wait to get behind the wheel of a supercharged Q8, this diesel may be right for you …

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