Audi SQ7 restyled (2020): all information on video –

Audi SQ7 restyled 2020 all information on video - Audi SQ7 restyled (2020): all information on video -

Appearing in 2015, the second generation of Audi Q7 received a major facelift in 2019. Very visually marked from the outside, the redesign brings a completely new grille and light units. These can now integrate laser headlights. The stern is entitled to a serious pencil stroke, also: new lights, chrome rod … The silhouette of the Q7 remains the same. Always massive and imposing (5.07 m long)! The in-depth modernization of the large Audi SUV also concerns the interior: we note the arrival of the fully digital dashboard of the Audi A6, A7 and A8. Almost no physical control, or almost: two touch screens with haptic feedback (a sort of fictitious "click") group together the essentials of comfort (on the lower screen), navigation and vehicle parameters (via upper screen).

Few developments, however, at the mechanical level: we find the same V6 TDI with micro-hybridization and slightly optimized to accommodate WLTP cycles. More interesting, the spectacular SQ7 always ensures the top of the range, fortified by its V8 biturbo TDI of 435 hp. One of the most muscular production Diesel in the world!

Surreal on paper: 900 Nm of torque and only 4.8 s to go from 0 to 100 km / h. For a monster over 2.3 tonnes, the time is staggering. We inevitably tick on its nature of Diesel, of course. Fueling an Audi S with fuel oil is a bit strange (especially on the S4 and S6, recently), but it must be recognized that this type of engine is more suitable for this type of XXL SUV … Especially since this V8 , however Diesel, manages to preserve a certain mechanical nobility. Its raucous breath remains that of an 8 cylinder, and the impressive thrust sticks well to the car: without great brutality, but terribly effective.

Note that this engine benefits from a electric compressor intended to cancel (or almost) the response time of the turbos. There too, the SQ7 has a 48 V on-board network and a micro-hybridization intended to glean a few liters in the long term (by maximizing the freewheeling phases at stabilized speed, in particular). Let's be honest, the economic argument does not really hold (even if our average 12 l / 100 recorded are rather well mastered given the weight and level of performance): a Audi SQ7 requires at least 112,300 euros…

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