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Audi is electrifying its models. We are not talking about pure electrics which should be piled up over the next few years, but many already existing models which are in turn receiving an electric motor.

In the Audi range, there are already several hybrids. There is the Audi A6 TFSI e, A7 TFSI e, A8 TFSI e as well as several other models capable of running on gasoline or of using electrical energy to advance for several tens of kilometers. The builder with the rings is expected to launch other plug-in models soon, and it is not over, because even the Audi Sport will be electrified at one point or another.

It is no secret that we have been talking about the electrification of Audi Sport for some time, but the interview with Ekkerhard Kleindienst, communication manager at Audi, at the Australian site Motoring confirms our suspicions. He said the Audi RSs will become plug-in hybrids at some point. Of course, he did not give more details, but we believe that the electrification of the sports range will be done gradually, with why not the arrival of plug-in hybrid versions of already existing models like the Audi RS 6 Avant. .

We have repeatedly pointed out that the world's most popular sports station wagon deserves more power, it is possible that Audi has a surprise in store for us, and that the power gain of the Audi RS 6 Avant is the result of the 'addition of an electric motor.

According to the aforementioned manager, a plug-in hybrid engine does not detract from the pleasure of driving, on the contrary, it reinforces the emotion behind the wheel. This type of engine will make it possible to increase the efficiency of the car while taking care of consumption and emissions in order to comply with environmental regulations.

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