VIDEO – Will the future RS2 Coupé be the most desirable Audi of all time? Prior Design has started working on it, and it's looking good.

A few days ago, we told you about this crazy project signed Prior Design. The German preparer, often associated with very high level work, has indeed just embarked on the preparation of an Audi Coupé revised and corrected in the “RS” sauce. The goal? Manufacture a real RS2 Coupé, more than 25 years after the end of the Audi Coupé career (only available in a sporty “S” version at the time).

Prior Design intends to sell forty copies of its kit, available on the basis of a used Audi Coupé. Once out of its workshops, the coupe will become RS2 and will benefit from aggressive aerodynamics, an evocative silhouette and a completely reworked chassis.

400 horsepower?

Under the hood, let's bet on the presence of an Audi five-cylinder turbo very similar to that of the latest RS 3 and TT-RS. Prior Design has just released a virtual video of the beast, while waiting for the construction of the first copies.