Audi Q2 restyled (2020): tiny changes –

The smallest SUV in the Audi range is getting a makeover for the start of the school year, but the changes are minor. Nothing changes under the hood and for hybridization, we will have to wait.

You have to look to find a difference! Lately, Audi has returned to the market with restyled Q7s, A4s and A5s which bore visible differences from previous models. But for the Q2, Audi was satisfied with the minimum. So much so that the lights keep the same design but still revise their light signature with standard LEDs on the front. On the other hand, for the Matrix LED, it will be necessary to put the hand in the wallet.

It was still necessary to justify this little boost, so Audi revised the front and rear shields by adding a few inserts here and there, without forgetting to provide the Q2 with three separate slots between the hood and the grille. The 2020 model also arrives with 5 new colors that find their place in the catalog of the compact SUV range: Apple Green, Manhattan Gray, Navarre Blue, Arrow Gray and Turbo Blue.

RAS inside and under the hood

Audi claims some changes in the interior, but it looks more like a pretext to justify this "coup de com". The Rings brand talks about a new gearshift knob, improved mood lighting and new materials for the various trims.

On the mechanical side, the Q2 will benefit from three petrol units and two Diesel units. But no hybrid version on the horizon, at least for the moment. At launch, the 1.5-liter TFSI engine with 150 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque will officiate, but the other blocks will appear before the end of the year.

Finally, there is a last technological innovation: the Drive pack, which includes driving aids including a semi-autonomous driving system capable of accelerating, braking, keeping the vehicle in the lane and reading the signs on the road. the edge of the road to adapt the speed of movement.

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