Even if SUVs have captured a good part of manufacturers’ catalogs, there is still demand for sedans, especially the most luxurious. It is not by chance that the majority of premium manufacturers have a flagship model in their range, like Mercedes which has just unveiled its new S-Class, BMW and its restyled 7 Series or Lexus and its LS.

On the Audi side, the A8 tops the range. But with the restyled BMW 7 Series and the new Mercedes S-Class, the A8 has gotten a little old in the space of a few months. To get it back on track, the ring firm is therefore preparing the classic mid-career restyling after three years of marketing. This restyled model, our photographers have already immortalized under the snow with some camouflaged areas.

Audi is actively preparing the restyling of its A8 - Audi is actively preparing the restyling of its A8 - motor1 france

As you can see in the photos, the restyled Audi A8 will be entitled to a small update of its front end with a new grille and revised optics. The grille now features more intricate designs with multiple black painted elements. These same elements may no doubt be available in aluminum, depending on the finish chosen. The front shield changes slightly as well.

At the rear, everything seems identical to the current model at first glance. Only the light signature should change, with the integration of new optics with OLED technology recently presented on the restyled Audi Q5.

The presentation of the Audi A8 and its limousine version, the A8 L, should take place within a few months. The engines should remain unchanged from the current model. The Audi A8 as we know it today could also be the last thermal A8. Indeed, the limousine could follow the movement initiated on the future Audi A4 and A6, two models that will become 100% electric in the future.

ZDvcAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC - Audi is actively preparing the restyling of its A8 - motor1 france