There are only a few days left before discovering the final features of the large electric sedan from Audi, future rival of the Tesla Model S, the e-tron GT. It will be revealed in two weeks.

Competition is organized against Tesla. In addition to models produced by brands still unknown to us, and which are gradually starting to multiply, such as the Lucid Air or the Nio eT7, it is also and above all the premium German brands which will each in turn present their own interpretation of the Model S, the first target to shoot down. It was the manufacturer Porsche who was the first to draw with the Taycan. Before the arrival of a more accessible propulsion version (from € 86,000), in the catalog for just a few days, the German sailed a notch above in terms of prices with prices ranging between around € 110,000 and 190,000 € for the German against 85,000 € and 140,000 € for the American. It is therefore above all the arrival of rivals Audi, BMW and Mercedes, whose prices will be significantly closer, which should worry the Palo Alto sedan. In two weeks, to the day, it will be up to the manufacturer of the rings to present the production version of the e-tron GT.

What we already know about this future model

First important point, the e-tron GT will be technically and stylistically very close to the concept presented at the Los Angeles Motor Show in 2018. The photos shared by the brand, in which we only see a very slightly camouflaged model, no longer leaves no room for doubt. At 4.95 m long, it is barely shorter (2 cm), but it looks even more slender. An impression that we owe to his particularly short overhangs, its long wheelbase (2.90 m against 2.96 m) but above all at its reduced height (1.38 m against 1.44 m for the Tesla). We know that the two electric motors will develop a power of 590 hp and that they will be powered by a 90 kWh battery. She will be able, thanks to this, go from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.5 s. As for his autonomy, it should be around 400 km. See you on February 9 to discover all the characteristics of this new Model S eater.

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