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The YouTubeuse Supercar Blondie recently went to Germany and has just released the video in which she shows the future electric supercar Audi AI: RACE. She could even try it on circuit.

Audi offered the opportunity to Supercar Blondie to test (softly) the last prototype of his circuit supercar. This vehicle all electric prefigures the vision of the German manufacturer concerning the future of sports driving.

audi ai race 2 - Audi AI: RACE: discover the German electric supercar - Tom's Guide

The Audi electric supercar AI: RACE is unveiled in video

We already knew this Audi AI: RACE under the name of PB-18 e-tron. It was renamed to marry the rest of the manufacturer's electric range, such as the surprising buggy AI: TRAIL. The video version is a semi-functional prototype, the passenger door does not open. It gives however a good idea of ​​what will be the final version.

The tub allowing a central pipe as lateral next if the driver is on circuit or on the road is fully operational. It summarizes Audi's philosophy regarding this vehicle: It is primarily a vehicle for thrill seekers on circuit, but it is possible to use it daily thanks to a passenger seat when the driving seat is placed on the left and a storage space of 470 liters. She remains much more athletic than the E-tron GT.

Audi AI: RACE: 2 seconds to reach 100km / h

In order to maximize performance, engineers have made the choice of a 3-engine all-wheel drive, one at the front and two at the back delivering 500 kW of power, ie 671 horses and 830 Nm of couple. The battery has a capacity of 95 kWh able to take this AI: RACE on 500 km. It recharges in 15 minutes under 800 volts, the choice made by Porsche for its Taycan, which is not surprising since the two manufacturers collaborate on their electric vehicles.

Audi announces that charging can be done by induction thanks to a charging coil placed under the vehicle. Thanks to its weight of only 1550 kg, 0 to 100 km / h in 2 seconds and the top speed reached 299 km / h. It is therefore made for circuit driving and will even help its driver to choose the best cornering trajectory thanks to a transparent screen displaying the line to follow in augmented reality. only 50 copies should be produced. Neither the production date nor the price have been announced.

Source: Cleantechnica

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