Zapping Autonews E85 bioethanol in question: part 3

This video comes from a surveillance camera in England. The least we can say is that the scene is spectacular.

The greatest directors of action films are jealous, this stunt will certainly remain engraved in the mind of the driver but also of the pedestrian who could have literally passed under this crazy car.

We cannot tell if the latter had headphones at the time of the incident but fortunately for him the sound of the shock warned him all the same.

A hell of a speed boost

The sun is setting in this quiet little street in England, but this serenity and calm will be violently broken.

A passer-by is returning, probably shopping, bags in hand, when a truck is pointing the tip of its nose behind him. The heavyweight is followed closely by an Audi A3, too closely surely. In a fiery momentum, the German tries to pass but impales herself on the side of the truck. This is the beginning of the problems.

The A3 rolls instantly onto the sidewalk, where there is a pedestrian! Without asking any questions, the latter drops his bags, and the horses too, to run away. Technique more than paying given the situation.

Eventually the story ends with no injuries and "fluke" for the dangerous motorist, the truck in question is nothing more than a tow truck.