Audi A3, Golf 8, Seat Leon: they are all blocked due to a bug! –

The Covid-19 is not the only concern at the moment for the Volkswagen group. Indeed, the world number 1 in the automobile industry faces a second major problem in addition to the health crisis. This one is electronic and touches a good part of the last German productions. Indeed, a software order concern the "eCall" function, in other words the automatic emergency call, which has been mandatory in all new cars since 2018.

ECall system malfunction

However, on the latest compacts from the VW group, namely the Audi A3, the Skoda Octavia, the Golf 8 and the Seat Leon, this "eCall" function does not work properly. It is an ordinary routine check which would have made it possible to raise this bug. Unfortunately, these four models share a common development base and therefore … the same software concerns. Result: these cars can no longer be sold. Worse, their deliveries were temporarily suspended until a solution was found. These should not take place before mid-June. Meanwhile, factories in the Volkswagen group continue to produce these four models and store them in huge parking lots until they can be updated and delivered to their customers.

As for the models already delivered, they should undoubtedly be the subject of a recall campaign at the dealership as soon as the patch is available. " In exchange with the responsible authorities, we examine the rest of the procedure for the vehicles concerned "Explains the German group.

These new software problems follow a relatively complicated start to the year for VW. In fact, the brand's first 100% electric vehicle, the ID.3, has not been left behind. This one has to face many software problems which jeopardize its development and which should undoubtedly delay its launch.

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