Audi A1 Citycarver, our test: campaign outfit –

And if Audi, anxious to exploit all the niches of crossovers and SUV, decided to turn the small A1 into a fighter on Sunday? It's done with the A1 Citycarver, kind of avatar Allroad reduction. The outfit is nice … nothing more, but some will be satisfied.

SUVs may be the stars of the market, some are still refractory and find their happiness in all-way breaks. They are called Allroad, All-Terrain or Cross Country … But which of the lower segments? The urban ones too, have their equivalent: the townsmen raised in campaign outfits are not legion, but there is an offer for allergic to pocket crossovers. The Volkswagen Cross Polo is no more, but Dacia sells the majority of its Sandero version Stepway and Ford has recently introduced a Fiesta Active, grimed in any way. At Audi, the A1 Citycarver becomes the first representative of the premium city-dwellers!

Adventurous facade

To avoid any misunderstanding, there is no question of seeing the A1 Citycarver as an A4 Allroad spinning. Consider it more as an extra level of finishing, more than a real variation: apart from the few extra capacities allowed by the raised ground clearance of 4 cmA1 so rigged has no claim to leave the tarmac.

In the manner of the aforementioned Fiesta and Polo, no modification of transmission, traction control and even less integral transmission : everything is played on the style. The wheel well protections contrast (the width increases by 16 mm), the shields redesigned with a Stainless steel protection shoe… the rendering is stocky, a little more dynamic than the conventional A1. The angular air intakes are certainly fake, but the result is graphic. Original, provided you opt for sharp shades. Our dark blue did not do it justice. Note that the contours of the grille are also specific to the Citycarver.

Audi A1 Citycarver our test campaign outfit - Audi A1 Citycarver, our test: campaign outfit -

The cabin remains identical to any classic Audi A1 Sportback. Well built, digital … with options.

On board, nothing changes and it's a bit of a pity. The sparkling spirit and the urban-trendy look from the outside can only be found in the hues and patterns of the highest equipment levels. Otherwise, it's the same atmosphere: rectilinear design and millimeter assemblies, touch screen XXL and digital instrumentation … As long as you put your hand in the pocket! Even in Citycarver, an A1 requires some extension to have a complete techno content: 30,860 € for our test model.

On the road: comfort first

The driving position logically follows the movement of the ground clearance. A little higher up, which is not unpleasant in itself. On the chassis side, suspensions and shock absorbers specific to the Citycarver raise the car by 35 mm and high sidewall tires climb 5 mm. These will be the only technical features of the A1 in fieldkeeping.

Audi A1 Citycarver our test campaign outfit - Audi A1 Citycarver, our test: campaign outfit -

The 30 TFSI of 116 hp certainly offers the best compromise between the modest 25 TFSI and 35 TFSI more powerful and more expensive.

In use, this benefits especially comfort. The suspension remains rather firm, without excess. On the other hand, damping and filtration cozy feeling nice to live, despite the large 18-inch wheels of our model! In any case, certainly not enough to change the excellent road qualities of the A1, comfortable on the road and rather precise, steering and front level. The touch of road remains typical … Audi, without surprise. The optional piloted damping seems superfluous.

Nothing new about mechanics. While waiting entry level 25 TFSI (95 hp) and a more powerful 4-cylinder 35 TFSI (the 1.5 l of 150 hp), a single engine is proposed at launch in France. In this case, the 3 cylinders 1.0 of 116 hp (30 TFSI according to the new nomenclature Audi), probably the best compromise in view of its benefits. Energetic enough to sneak into the traffic and consider serenely motorway routes (0 to 100 km / h in 9.9 s), this block wins to be associated with the box S-Tronic double clutch (1.900 €). Not yet available in France, it arrives at the beginning of 2020. Softness of march and progressivity are of putting, and smooth the operation sometimes bumped that one raises often with this engine on other models of the Volkswagen group. Especially at low speeds and urban routes.

1572996572 550 Audi A1 Citycarver our test campaign outfit - Audi A1 Citycarver, our test: campaign outfit -

In Hamburg, the Speicherstadt is the old quarter of the harbor warehouses. This set of canals and brick buildings, rehabilitated in recent years, now houses concert halls, exhibitions, restaurants …

Alas, as often with these small engines downsized, the Consumption is variable geometry. Too bad: its interesting sobriety on the road turns into a solid appetite when the traffic becomes jerky (easily 8 l / 100 km).

Prices: almost € 2,000 more for the Citycarver

While waiting for a less powerful access version, opt for an A1 in adventurous dress minimum 25.760 € with the 30 TFSI 116 hp. Let a additional cost of 1.890 € compared to the classic Sportback body. Not given, but it's not really a surprise for an urban chic. In Citycarver, the fashion accessory status of the A1 is more than ever assumed. Including in finance! More than 30,000 € for our Luxury Design finish, certainly well equipped, it's beefy. His best rival at this level of range would be a certain Mini … Or an Audi Q2, not much more expensive eventually.

1572996573 75 Audi A1 Citycarver our test campaign outfit - Audi A1 Citycarver, our test: campaign outfit -

The ground clearance is raised by 40 mm (35 mm thanks to the new shock absorbers, 5 mm with the flanks of the higher tires, specific to the Citycarver).

Technical specifications Audi A1 Citycarver (2019)

Tried model: Audi A1 Citycarver 30 TFSI Luxury Design S-Tronic
Dimensions L x W x H 4,046 / 1,756 / 1,483 m
wheelbase 2.566 m
Min / max volume of the safe 335 / 1.090 l
Unloaded weight 1.215 kg
Engine displacement 3 cylinder petrol, turbo – 999 cc
Engine power 116 hp to 5,000 rpm
Couple 200 Nm at 2,000 rpm
0 to 100 km / h 9.9s
Max speed 198 km / h
Advertised consumption 5.2 l / 100 km
CO2 rate 118 g / km
Malus 2019 neither bonus nor malus
Prices starting from 25.760 € (tested model: 32.760 €)
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