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Since its release in 2011, the Lamborghini Aventador has given rise to numerous limited series. The latest takes up the philosophy of the unique J model of 2012, namely a convertible without a roof or windshield.

"Attenzione macchina veloce aperta", in other words "Attention fast convertible car". A sentence announcing the color printed directly on the sides of this mysterious model posted on the Twitter of Lamborghini Squadra Corse, the racing department of the Italian manufacturer.

The car in question obviously resumes the basis of the Aventador but with an extreme treatment halfway between the road versions SVJ and the pistarde Essenza SCV12. What rather closer to the unique Aventador J of 2012.

Extreme tray

Like the J (to pronounce Jota), the new Lamborghini abandons the roof and the windshield to turn into a hyper tray. The huge rear spoiler and the high-pitched double exhausts prove that she is not on the Monza circuit to make up the figure.

It remains to be seen whether the usual 6.5 V12 hiding under the hood develops 759 or 830 horsepower, and whether this model will be produced in a few copies or will only make one owner happy.

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