I had time to seek the advice of a doctor friend. I am not very connected with vaccines and I like natural remedies, but here I am convinced enough for myself and for the community, so that we can finally put an end to the crisis.“, adds this musician of the Radio-France orchestra, interviewed by AFP on the occasion of the launch of vaccination in pharmacies with this new product in France.

Laurent Meyssonnier, who vaccinated her at the Pharmacy of Europe, located in the eighth arrondissement of the capital and specializing in homeopathy and natural products, is pleased to have “received a vial with five doses on time“vaccine, the fourth to be deployed in France.

By midday, all had been injected. The vaccinated people, aged over 55, left without problem to enjoy a summer weekend with, in their pocket, a “eligibility and vaccination certificate“.

Limited offer. 2 months for 1 € without commitment

Health Minister Olivier Véran announced on Saturday that nearly 80,000 health professionals had already ordered this vaccine, including 16,000 pharmacies.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) gave the green light to the administration of Janssen, considering that it benefited from a favorable benefit / risk ratio despite a risk “very rare“blood clots, as with the AstraZeneca vaccine, which arouses mistrust.

Overall “the doubt still persists a little for the AstraZeneca since its temporary suspension“, concedes Mr. Meyssonnier.”There were three cancellations (of appointments) this morning without it being known whether people managed to get vaccinated elsewhere with Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna“, he specifies.

63-year-old metal sculptor Marianne Nardin also chose the Janssen for her “single dose“when she found out he was available, after signing up for the AstraZeneca vaccination.

Social game rule

I had the virus but I was asymptomatic. I think we went quickly and I understand those who remain suspicious. We do not know everything for sure, but I play the rule of the social game because I believe that if everyone is vaccinated, we will achieve collective immunity“, she says.

Toby Green, a 62-year-old Briton who has lived in Paris for 20 years, is him “stayed on the AstraZeneca“.”There is no question to ask, millions of doses have already been injected into the population around the world, it is essential to get out of the crisis!“, he proclaims, under the astonished gaze of customers who have come to collect drugs.

Scientists have made considerable efforts, the risks are minimal!“, adds this editor of scientific journals, insisting that he has”studied microbiology and infectious diseases“.

Since the start of vaccination in France, out of 3.2 million injections performed with AstraZeneca, the results have been 27 cases of thrombosis, including 8 deaths. It is no longer administered to those under the age of 55. For this category of people who have already received a dose of this vaccine, the High Authority for Health has recommended a second dose with Pfizer or Moderna.



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