A 33-year-old man faces reckless driving charges after a video posted to social media showed him driving over 300 km / h on I-465 in Indianapolis, United States.

The owner of the Lamborghini Huracan then told police that the video was faked and that he was actually not driving as fast on the highway.

At 342 km h in Lamborghini Huracan he is - At 342 km / h in Lamborghini Huracan, he is charged because of a YouTube video - Tom's Guide
Lamborghini Huracan – Credit: Gabriel Sleiman / The Drive

When you own a Lamborghini Huracan, it’s understandable to want to push your car to its limits, but doing it on public roads is illegal. The driver, Gabriel Sleiman, had a good chance not to cause an accident. Recently, another influencer was arrested after causing a fatal accident with his Lamborghini Aventador.

He posts his feat on YouTube and gets arrested by the police

Gabriel Sleiman had the bad idea of ​​recording his vehicle going over 300 km / h on the highway and posting the video on YouTube. Police said the video then showed the Lamborghini accelerating quickly, the speedometer reaching a speed of 342 km / h before the vehicle slows down. This is now removed.

To make matters worse, the video also showed that Sleiman was driving without wearing his seat belt. He also spoke on the phone via the car’s Bluetooth hands-free system while driving. So posting the video to YouTube might not have been the best thing to do. Another YouTuber also a fan of supercars had managed to create his own Lamborghini Huracán EVO Speedster.

The influencer was not at his first attempt. Indeed, the police were able to identify him thanks to these social networks where he evokes without filter participating in street races. In addition, he also talks about his talents as a mechanic or his passion for increasing the performance of his cars.

Asked about the video, Sleiman told police the videos showing his vehicles were fake and faked. However, when asked by the police if he had really driven at 342 km / h, he allegedly replied ” As the pictures show, yes. “. The Lamborghini Huracan is a powerful supercar that regularly faces Tesla Model S in drag races.

Source: The Drive