At 200 km / h in an Audi Q3 RS, he blows up the speedometers… and his license – Autonews

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The 24-year-old, originally from the Lyon region, was going down to Nice, probably to take a few days of vacation. Well, his holidays took a whole different turn.

Holder of the license for less than 3 years, the young man was therefore limited to 110 km / h instead of 130 for more seasoned drivers. But behind the wheel of his Audi Q3 RS, the motorway turned into a playground for the young "driver" who would not have realized his speed, reaching 200 km / h. Unfortunately for him, the police quickly whistled the end of recess.

The car was therefore immobilized and the driver's license retained. For information, the vehicle in question did not belong to him. Important fact which risks worsening the case of the young person arrested. He now risks having his driver's license canceled since the scale for this type of offense is none other than the loss of six points less on the precious sesame and up to € 1,500 in fines, in particular.

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