It is perhaps the absolute record of precocity for a speeding ticket.

The gendarmes of the Somme have just carried out several speed checks on the A1 motorway, with some arrests that they tell on their Facebook page. Among these arrests, we note the presence of a Dutch motorist at the wheel of his brand new gray Bentley Continental GT Convertible. Caught at 195 km / h, the man saw his driving license suspended in France and will have to retrieve his English GT at the pound.

But it is another arrest, much more unusual, which surprises the most: that of a 13-year-old driver, caught at 162 km / h at the wheel of an Alfa Romeo 147!

With two friends of his

The gendarmerie does not provide more details on the profile of the driver, simply explaining that he was driving with two friends of his, aged 12 and 14. The car was sent to a garage.