Aston Martin wants to sell 5,000 DBX per year –

Aston Martin plans to double its sales with the arrival of its new SUV, the DBX.

Aston Martin has finally unveiled its DBX. The production version no longer has much to do with the original concept car, but this machine is timely to compete with all luxury SUVs on the market.

Like Bentley with its Bentayga, Rolls-Royce with its Cullinan or Lamborghini with its Urus, Aston Martin intends to find new customers by surfing on this essential fashion of SUVs. To the point of hoping to double its sales volumes.

5000 DBX per year?

Andy Palmer, the big boss of Aston Martin, indeed counts on 4000 to 5000 DBX sold each year. Which would allow the English manufacturer to double its sales, quite simply. It will take that to get the brand out of its financial bad patch, which is still struggling to find an economic balance after large investments made in recent years.

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