Aston Martin would make some last minute changes to the Valhalla like a new AMG engine.

Aston Martin had big plans for the Valhalla hypercar, which debuted as an “AM-RB 003” concept at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019. The company has promised an all-new twin-turbo hybrid V6 completely built in-house at the company’s headquarters in Gaydon. But as the relationship between Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz grows stronger, it looks like things have changed. Following statements from CEO Tobias Moers, according to which the Valhalla “would probably have a different engine” from the concept presented in 2019, new information from our colleagues at Coach seems to point in this direction.

The latest indiscretions suggest that Aston has completely halted development of its twin-turbo V6, at least for now. Aston Martin did not comment but revealed that the article in question was “pure speculation”. If that turns out to be correct, we might see an AMG engine in Gaydon’s hypercar. The most likely candidate is Mercedes-AMG’s new 4.0-liter twin-turbo hybrid V8, which will debut under the hood of the AMG GT73 4-Door Coupe.

800 horses for the Valhalla?

With this AMG engine, the Valhalla would therefore be a hybrid. But the hypercar may well keep its promise of 1,000 horsepower (756 kilowatts), acting as a direct rival to the Ferrari SF90 and McLaren Speedtail. On top of that, Aston Martin would most likely retool the styling of the Valhalla ahead of its launch which is expected in early 2023.

It’s unclear what kind of styling change the company will bring to the Valhalla, but don’t expect a carbon copy of the concept we’ve seen before. If confirmed, the new mid-mounted AMG powertrain will force Aston to rethink some of the key design elements, especially at the rear.

To know the details of this next Aston Martin Valhalla, we will have to wait for the start of its production scheduled for next year. What we do know is that the company limits production to just 500 units, which results in a very hefty purchase price. Case to follow.