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Lately we've seen a nice bunch of exclusive, roofless cars including the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2, McLaren's Elva and the Bentley Bacalar. Aston Martin joins them with its V12 Speedster.

Unveiled at the start of March, Gaydon's spectacular creation has now moved to the prototype stage. On this occasion, Aston Martin released new images showing the latest draft of its Q division as it enters the final phase of development.

For some reason, the all-black prototype was registered with the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency in the UK as having a green paint. We have checked the license plate with the DVLA and it shows the vehicle was registered last month with the 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12 engine. According to Aston Martin, the speedster has an estimated horsepower of 700 horsepower and 753 Nm torque delivered to the rear wheels by an eight-speed automatic transmission.

This car is spectacular, especially with this matte black exterior. If its style seems a little familiar, it's because the V12 Speedster takes the features of the CC100 Speedster concept unveiled in 2013 on the occasion of Aston Martin's centenary. It also had a V12 and a roofless body.

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It goes without saying that the V12 Speedster is nothing new, as it would not have made financial sense to invest a lot of money in a limited model. For this reason, it combines parts from the Vantage and the DBS Superleggera. It uses a new stainless steel exhaust developed specifically for this model.

This is a car whose price is around a million euros, and for good reason, it will be produced only 88 copies. Future owners will have to wait until the first quarter of 2021 to take delivery of the British speedster.

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