Aston Martin F1 to base its car on the Mercedes W11 in 2021 –

Racing Point intends to continue using Mercedes parts next year, to the extent permitted by regulations. While the ban on upgrading cars was declared during the Covid-19 crisis, teams using parts sourced from other teams will have the right to upgrade these parts to have their specification next year. of this year.

Andrew Green, technical director of the team, confirms that this is the option chosen by the structure which will become Aston Martin F1 Team next year, and is confident that their rivals have accepted it.

"I think so" he says, before confirming that the Aston Martin will rely heavily on the Mercedes W11. "It will. The rules allow us to do that. We will, we have clarified the situation with the FIA ​​and they have no problem with that."

"The rules, as they are written, allow the teams to go back to the 2020 specifications, and that seems fair to me. Just because we went for the 2019 suspensions before the Covid-19 arrives that it should. be held against us. We must be allowed to make the same specification as everyone else. "

Green insists Aston Martin won't have parts for the Mercedes W12 next year, but evolved parts for this year's W11: "This is an evolution of the 2020 suspension, not an evolution to a 2021 suspension."

"We're currently running with the 2019 one and what they want to do is penalize us for continuing to run with two-year parts rather than allowing us to evolve. It's not like we were gaining an advantage and bringing 2021 parts to the car, we just have the equivalent of what we have now. "

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